Our Weight Loss program is designed to give you the healthy kickstart to lose those extra pounds. Surprise yourself how sustainable weight loss can be if you follow our plan. It aims to improve your eating, sleeping and exercise habits.

Your personal plan consists of:

  • a gentle detox
  • suitable exercise
  • useful dietary information including food preparation and shopping tips


  • The program will address underlying emotional causes.
  • A good night sleep has a big positive effect on our live. This program provides different tools to give you that relaxing and energizing sleep.
  • A good diet does not give you that nagging hungry feeling. The program will help restore your satiety cycle by giving your body all the nutrients it needs to function well on cellular level. If your cells thrive, you will thrive!

Your personal WEIGHT LOSS program gives you the life-changing start to a healthy future and all the tools to continue your sustainable weight control at home.

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