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At Chivasuka, we help you bring
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Our retreats are holistic, meaning we pay attention to all facets that compile our wellness. Your one-on-one program is personal. It aims at revitalizing your body and mind and giving you enough tools to continue your path at home.

Our Approach

Many conditions can be halted, improved and even reversed. We do this by addressing the cause instead of the symptoms.

“All Diseases begin it the Gut” Hippocrates realized this already over 2000 years ago. He followed this profound thought up with “You are what you Eat”. Both sayings may begin to sound like a cliché, but they are truer than ever.

While in degenerative conditions heredity has a contribution to the cause, in most cases can be related to poor food choices. How does an unhealthy diet affect our health?

Not only does modern diet lack nutrients, it is sugary, fat and contains toxins, antibiotics and growth hormones. This food causes inflammation in the digestive track. The wall of the gut is a barrier that decides what goes into the body and what must go out. Inflammation makes this important barrier permeable, allowing bacteria, fungus, viruses and other particles and toxins to pass into our bloodstream.  This condition is called “Leaky Gut”. Our immune system and liver work hard to control this invasion. However, if the ‘gate’ is not closed, these unwanted ‘visitors’ will cause inflammation in our body and damage different kinds of cells. The body is now in dis-ease! It will express its condition by showing you symptoms like pains, redness or changes in the skin, unbalanced blood sugar level, tumors, foggy brain, fatigue etc.

To help the body using its clever system to heal itself, we must attend to the cause of this situation and close the ‘gate’. In other words, we must heal the gut! What ever your health issues may be, this will be the starting point of your personal program. Once the digestive track improves it will be able to absorb those life saving nutrients and keep the bad guys out. Your body cells will flourish again and so will you.

The composition of your personal diet will follow your bodily needs. At booking you will receive a health questionnaire. Your plan is based on the details we receive back from you. At the beginning of your stay you will have a biofeedback session. This may give us overlooked or hidden details, like deficiencies, that should be considered in the plan.

Well-being is not only about diet. Although this is a major player, a holistic approach is what the body needs to perform. This includes suitable exercise, nourishing your mind and spirit as well as giving you plenty of self-help tools when you go home and one month after-care, so you can continue to thrive.


detox and reboot


This program is designed to give your body that wonderful nourishing boost. 

It is the ideal program if you want to treat yourself to a healthy holiday that can help to make you feel vibrant, refreshed and full of sparkling energy.

weight loss


This program is designed to give you the kickstart you need to balance your weight.

It aims to improve your eating, sleeping and exercise habits. Surprise yourself how sustainable weight loss can be if you follow our plan.



This program will help improve your health and quality of life by attending to the cause of the issue. We give you the tools to take control of your Diabetes condition. This is done with nutrition, lifestyle coaching and suitable exercise.

digestion retreat


This program is for those with digestive problems. During this retreat you will follow a special diet.

You will also receive all the information you need to get  your gut back on a healthy track.

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