Diabetes Mellitus type ll, or Diabetes 2, was typically found in aging people. Today this condition also effects our youngsters. While a small percentage may have a genetic cause, over 95% is related to lifestyle. Poor food choices combined with a sedentary lifestyle and obesity are directly related to Diabetes 2.

The complications of this chronic disorder are many and debilitating. All the reason to turn the condition around. If lifestyle is at the root of Diabetes 2, then it is plausible that is what should be addressed.

Albert Einstein’s remark “you cannot change a problem by doing the same thing that caused it in the first place” is very much in place here.

Your personal Diabetes ll program will help improve your health and quality of life by attending to the cause of the issue. We give you the tools to take control of your Diabetes. This is done with nutrition, lifestyle coaching and suitable exercise.

Your personal plan will consist of:

  • Raw Food diet and juices, gradually adding back complex carbohydrates
  • Natural supplements
  • Suitable exercise schedule
  • Body-mind connecting techniques
  • Information on foods and their effects on our health
  • Tips on how to make healthy choices in the supermarket and restaurants
  • Hands-on food preparation workshop

Diabetes often goes hand in hand with the condition Candida, which is a yeast overgrowth that can destroy body cells and their receptors, like insulin receptors. Therefor we advise to take a Candida test before starting the program.

Your personal DIABETES 2 PROGRAM XXXXXXXXX text missing XXXXXXXXX …gives you the life-changing start to a healthy future and all the tools, including a 1 month after-care service, to continue your sustainable weight control at home.



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