Although Yoga is more than just asanas, twists and stretches, we will use yoga exercises to support your healing and detox program.

Derived from the Sanskrit word yujYoga means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit.

Our daily practice will massage your organs, promote detoxification, cleanse the digestive track, balance the mind and improve flexibility. During our yoga sessions you will learn to connect to your body and understand what it is communicating to you.

If you know how to listen to your body, the healing can start.



There are many ways to meditate, which makes it a personal thing. We will provide different methods for you to choose from. Once you master your favorite technique, your world will rebalance itself.


Another life-changing relaxation technique is breathing. Oxygenating your body properly is such a wonderful and easy calming tool and you always carry it with you. You will learn different techniques that you can use in any stressful situation.

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