A good look at our active life, made us decide to drastically change a few things in our lifestyle. If we were to live the happy and healthy life we hoped to live we had to bring back the balance! 

With a more mindful attitude we slowly integrated Raw Food into our diet. Besides the significant loss of bodyweight we feel younger, healthier, energetic, radiant, inspirational and definitely happier. Chivasuka was a natural consequence because we think everyone deserves to feel the same way!

about Chivasuka

Like most specialists in field of the alternative healing, for Karin it also started with a health experience of a loved one. Having lived an aware but Burgundian life she was introduced to the Raw Food diet which had a life changing affect on both her and her husband. Surprised and curious she searched the internet for answers on the relationship between food and health. Here, contradictions were so confusing, and Karin decided to follow holistic nutritionist- and detox specialist courses that would explain the benefits of plant-based diets profoundly. In the meantime, the change of diet helped her lose 25kgs (without feeling hungry), cleared her mind, improved her skin condition and gave her the energy of a healthy 25 year old.

With the knowledge she gained (and is still learning), Karin finds that everyone is entitled to know about natural help to prevent and enable the body to heal itself when given the nutrients and holistic support it needs.

Karin feels she is privileged that her life has taken this turn and she is able to help others regaining their health and to thrive again.


  • Advanced Nutrition (S.N.H.S. Dip Holistic Nutrition) ~ Pass A with distinction
  • Detoxification Specialist (Dt.Sp. Academy of Natural Health Sciences, USA)
  • Holistic Nutrition (S.N.H.S Dip Holistic Nutrition)
  • Yoga teacher (Lanna Yoga Health Center, Thailand)
  • Traditional Thai Massage (Sunshine Massage School & Thai Massage School Shivagakomaparj, Thailand)
  • Foot Reflexology (The Institute of Thai Massage, Thailand)
  • BHS – Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences from International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (IQUIM, Honolulu, Hawaii) includes basic certificates for:
    • Quantum Healer
    • Quantum Biology
    • Biology of Believe
    • Auriculotherapy
    • Hypnotherapy
    • NLP
    • Aromatherapy
    • Interpersonal Communication
    • Health Psychology
about Chivasuka

Ever since a young age, Jan has been into cooking. Born in Amsterdam in the 50s, son of a green grocer, he remembers that in those days nobody was talking about organic. Fruits and vegetables were in season. He remembers his father telling his customers: “NOW you have to eat strawberries”. A bit aggressive, you would say, but not meant like that. It was simply because the following week the season was over and then people had to wait until the following year to eat strawberries.

Many things changed in the following decades. Some for worse and some for better. Their small shop went out of business and Jan became a buyer of textiles of a big retail organization in Holland and later started his own business creating and selling lingerie and swimwear. His job brought him all over the world – from Brazil and North America to Italy, Spain, France, China,  India, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand. During those trips he experienced the local food specialities and being a “foodie” he re-created the foreign “cuisine” for friends and family.

His business in Hongkong was coming to an end in 2012. At that time there were some lifestyle changes and as far as food was concerned, he and his wife became vegetarian.

Jan focused on RAW-FOOD, he followed some courses, read a lot and experimented creating healthy dishes which could meet the requirements of 3 star restaurants.

Being a passionate chef, the limitations about not using animal products in any form and not using wheat products, was -and still is- challenging him to create amazing dishes.

The taste of fresh organic produce reminded him of the good old days at their shop in Amsterdam.

Jan loves to share his knowledge and passion about un-cooking with friends and guests.


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